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One of the biggest self-revelations I’ve had lately is that I really am not adept to knowledge that concerns the big of a bang adult industry. I always thought that pornography was simply about two or more people getting naked on the camera and then having sex to fulfill the purpose of the whole thing. Thanks to a certain porn site, I have been enlightened that there is more to the industry that every viewer’s self-serving purpose of sensual satiation. It’s one that exhibits porn in the most artful ways and it’s called Hegre Art, which is down for a review.

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As you might surmise from the name of the site, it does express and showcase porn in several different artful ways. Because if anything can be an art, the fact being that even life itself is an art, so is pornography. It’s not just about flaunting naked bodies in action on the screen. It’s about the motivation and the emotions that are felt while couples or at least fucking buddies are doing the whole sexual immersion. Also, what they see may be different than what the viewers get to. The very purpose of Hegre is simply to give a clear perspective on how the fucking participants feels and enjoy the kind of euphoria they have as they go along with having sex. There is also the emphasis of how they are before having sex and what leads them up to it.

hegre art

A quick trivia. HegreArt.com is actually an offspring of two competing companies. The audience and the fans alike wanted to have a midpoint where both companies are able to agree on and get to even work together. So they about making something that is purely distinct compared to both their frontline products. Alas the creation of this site and because of the funding and expertise that come from both companies, subscribers are now able to enjoy watching up to 550 videos, to date, with updates coming in on a monthly basis. You won’t most likely be familiar of the faces because they’re all sort of hippy and new, but rest assured they are hot as fuck, artists and artisans alike who are all open to put out and give us all up to 50 minutes worth of sexual pleasure per video.

Of course, let us not forget one of the core essences of this porn site which is its art gallery. There you will be able to view over 5,000 HD quality pictures that are captured artistically like a painter would paint his lover. Hegre Art goes for the win!

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